TCS Training

Bubble Troubleshoot

Ways to Avoid Bubble Formation

  1. Optimal Wax Thickness: Ensure the wax used matches the ideal thickness required for the case. Avoid extremes in thickness as thicker wax-ups increase the likelihood of air bubble formation. TCS wax patterns can aid in achieving the right wax thickness.

  2. Strategic Sprue Placement: Place sprues strategically, avoiding close proximity to the teeth to prevent air bubbles beneath them. Opt for positioning the sprues at the tip end of the wax-up.

  3. Proper Tooth Size Selection: Choose tooth sizes that fit appropriately without leaving excessive thick wax underneath. Opting for longer teeth can minimize the occurrence of bubbles under the teeth.

  4. Precision in Heat and Pressure: Adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding time, temperature, and pressure settings, as different resins and injection units have varied requirements.

  5. Cartridge Size Selection: Select cartridges according to the case’s needs, especially when thicker wax-ups are necessary. Using larger cartridges can help prevent bubble formation.

  6. Moderate Separator Application: Apply a measured amount of separator, allowing it to absorb properly. Avoid using dense separators excessively, as they may hinder material flow, leading to air bubbles and unusual marks.

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