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Bubble Troubleshoot

Ways to Avoid Bubble Formation Optimal Wax Thickness: Ensure the wax used matches the ideal thickness required for the case. Avoid extremes in thickness as thicker wax-ups increase the likelihood of air bubble formation. TCS wax patterns can aid in achieving the right wax thickness. Strategic Sprue Placement: Place sprues strategically, avoiding close proximity to …

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Understanding Design 2

Following The Kennedy Method, We Will Evaluate A Case To Determine The Type Of Partial Denture, Design, And Functionality That Best Suits The Case.

San Andres, Colombia 2023

San Andres, Colombia The TCS Together We Smile team is on its fourth mission, nearing completion. They have arrived at San Andres, a picturesque coral island located in the Caribbean Sea, which falls under the political jurisdiction of Colombia and has historical ties to the United Kingdom. Recognizing the island’s ecological significance, it was designated …

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