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To begin, simply enroll in the course and follow along the lessons using a case from your laboratory. A welcome box with some tools needed for the training course will be delivered after checkout. The Welcome Box is only available for registrations within the US and are excluded if training price is waived.
IMPORTANT: Your digital certificate will be created with the first and last name you use at checkout when you register for the course. Be sure it is spelled correctly.

TCS Online Training

Welcome to the TCS Digital Training, accessible for technicians around the world. This complete guide covers all the steps required for the fabrication of flexible partials, from design and blockout to finishing and polishing. We feel confident you will find these lessons helpful in improving you day to day processing of flexible partials. 

*The welcome box is only available for signups within the US. 
*Training price is waived if purchased a complete or basic kit. Free trainings exclude welcome box. 

CDT Credits coming soon!